Athens Hive Builder


In 2020, The Matriots would like to expand our membership in Athens, so we have a HUGE movement across the whole state to put more women in Ohio offices from school board to governor. 

Here is what The Matriots would like to get from our meeting:

  • A chance to know you.

  • A chance to think about the people and the groups in Athens that The Matriots can connect to for partnership, sponsorship, co-education, panels – you name it.

  • A chance to make “Hive Builders” out of you or your friends, by talking about our desire to create city-based “Queen Bees” who can gather Matriots members and guests periodically for fellowship and connection.

  • Learn what you see as the role and vision of The Matriots: When you assess our first two years, what do you see? When you think about 2020 and beyond, what are your ideas?

Here is what The Matriots would like you to get from our meeting:

  • A chance to get to know me and to know each other. We share common values, and isn’t that an AMAZING place to start an authentic relationship.

  • Your questions about The Matriots answered.

  • A deep feeling of recommitment to our shared goal.

  • Free lunch!