Districting & Gerrymandering and How It Affects Your Vote August 13, 2020


Engaging in the political process is more than just voting.  Did you know that completing the Census impacts districting and allocation of federal funds? Learn more.  Join The Matriots virtual panel discussion on Thursday, August 13 at 5:30 p.m.

Panelists to include: Betsy Rader & Christian Johnson - Matriots-endorsed 2020 candidates for Ohio Statehouse

                                  Former Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin, Former Dayton Councilmember Idotha “Bootsie” Neal, Jen Miller, Executive Director of theLeague of Women Voter of Ohio

Moderated by: Mary Van Nortwick - Past President, League of Women Voter of Ohio

a. Why voting is critical to making lasting change

b. Understanding Districting & Gerrymandering

c. The importance of completing the Census in House districting and allocation of federal funds

D. the importance of having women in office who make policy to enact voter access, fixing the gerrymander

E. what it’s like to be a woman running in a gerrymandered district